Diploma thesis

COMPARISON OF SPECTROPHOTOMETERS i1PRO AND i1PRO 2 ON THE BASIS OF COLOUR PROFILES FOR PRINTER CANON W8400 that was the title of my diploma thesis, made under the mentorship of dr. Dejana Javoršek.

The aim of the diploma thesis was the comparison of X-Rites i1Pro and i1Pro 2 spectrophotometers, which were compared on the basis of colour profiles, made for Canon imagePROGRAF W8400 printer. Analysis of the final prints, made with eight colour profiles, was created by comparing colour differences of colour patches on the ColorChecker test chart calculated according to the equation CIEDE2000, and presented in L*a*b* graphs.

With both spectrophotometers we also measured the reflectance values of the paper. With newer i1Pro 2 we measured in M0, M1, M3 measuring methods by ISO 13655:2009.
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