Infographics on TV

We had an assignment to redesign the old infographics display at our faculty. Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering has three departments, fashion design (purple), textile (green) and graphic arts (blue), the fourth colour is red, the primary colour of University of Ljubljana.The students often check out the screens, and we did a short survey on what is the information they want displaying. The answers helped us with designing the interface.Top 2/3 of the screen are used to display the news and notifications from the professors or the university on the left, and on the right, there is the schedule with accompanying colours of the departments, names of the lectures, time and the room the lecture is held in.Bottom 1/3 is intended for information about the busses on the closest bus stations, how many bikes are left on the two nearest bike hire stations and date and time.There are also two additional screens, one for the students' products (IZDELKI). This screen still has the bottom info displayed. And the last screen is foreseen for the advertising.The project is live and displayed on the screens at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering.
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