Perfume packaging structural design

Perfume packaging was my first school practice packaging project. The emphasis was the structural design of the box and getting to know the program EngView Package Designer. EngView Package & Display Designer Suite is CAD/CAM software for 2D & 3D structural design of packaging and POP displays from folding carton, corrugated board and rigid board.

I decided that I want a simple box, with traditional closing flaps on the top and bottom, but I added a twist by making my box rhomboid shaped. Closing flaps on the top and bottom differ a little from each other. The bottom one has the cut on the sides so it closes tightly and withstands the weight of a perfume bottle, while the top one is smooth and the consumer can open the box smoothly.

The design for the packaging is simple, with logo and the name of the perfume in the centre. There are also a QR code (with additional info about the author in this case), EAN code, PAO symbol and arrows recycling symbol for contribution to recycling. There is also a caution flammable warning and information about the bottle size.   
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